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Fixed Gear Bike Original
Fixed Gear Bike Original

FREE SHIPPINGFixed gear bike with flip-flop rear wheel hub...

369,99 €
Folding Bike Grey FabricBike
FabricBike Folding

ENVÍO GRATUITO FabricBike Folding is a great and versatile...

329,99 €
Fixed Gear Fabricbike Light
Fixed Gear Fabricbike Light

FREE SHIPPING A fixed gear bike with flip-flop rear hub that...

479,00 €
Fixed Gear Fabricbike Aero
Fixed Gear Fabricbike Aero

FREE SHIPPING The fastest machine we have developed, a...

649,99 €
Kenda 700X25C Colored Tyre
Kenda Colored Tyre

SPECS· Tyre: Kenda (100 psi) nylon race tyre. · Colors...

14,99 €
City Bike Step-City
City Bike Step-City

FREE SHIPPING The step-city bike model of always but improved....

349,99 €
City Bike Woman 3V
Fabric City Classic

FREE SHIPPING Fabric City Classic treasures comfort,...

499,99 €
FabricBike Commuter
Bike FabricBike Commuter

FREE SHIPPING The new FabricBike Commuter model is designed...

449,99 €

Urban mobility in the spotlight

Posted 30 may 2018 |
Urban mobility in the spotlight, new problems in the cities, new means of transport, and lack of civics, figures and answers to a near future and two wheels ...

Triumph in Lugones

Posted 18 may 2018 |
We can not be happier, and that is because our team, the Nesta-Fabricbike Team has swept Lugones. In the space of the international cycling fair BiciSpace, for years, hosts a cycling competition criterium fixed-gear... ...

Discover the new Fabricbike Folding

Posted 15 may 2018 |
Our Fabricbike Folding is an extremely dynamic, folding, lightweight and fully portable bicycle (it includes a handle) it is possible to store it in your home without taking up space. The bike being foldable, you can take it to your work, or even upload it to public transport. ...

Introducing Nesta-Fabricbike Team

Posted 15 may 2018 |
We present the Nesta-Fabricbike Team, our team of criteriums by Luís Junquera, Sara Cuetos and Nesta, prepared with their new weapon, look at the calendar of the high competition. ...
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