FabricBike Commuter: The commuter phenomenon

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FabricBike Commuter: The commuter phenomenon

FabricBike Commuter: The commuter phenomenon

"There is no translation for this American concept that derives from the beginnings of the railroad in America. In the mid-1800s, the train generated the first suburbs: small towns away from big cities like New York or Chicago. As users made daily trips to the cities, the company offered the commuted fare, a reduced rate or subscription for regular users, hence the term commuter. "(Source, edited).

The commuter phenomenon has evolved over time from the hand of the new cities and the internet of things, but among the traditional means of transport such as the car or the collective bus or subway, the quicker, more agile alternative emerges , more intelligent in the face of the present problems of urban mobility such as saturation and pollution, on the other hand it brings you the best of the world of competition on the way to your work, as the best of a good walk on your return for a alternative way, and we are talking about nothing else than a commuter bike, our new FabricBike Commuter.

Thanks to the components of leading brands such as Sram or Tektro and its micro-alloy steel frame of great strength and lightness we have managed to create a hybrid bicycle taking the best of the urban bicycle, the best of mountain biking and the best of the bicycle. road, the recipe has completed our experience in the sector and attention to the demands of this, the answer could not be other than a fully dynamic bicycle for the daily-use of your daily commuting to work as the leisure of the weekend in a discreet and sober configuration with comfort and premium finishes.

The new FabricBike Commuter achieves speed and agility from an ergonomic position not forced accompanied by the hand of a great development and transmission system Sram of 8 speeds to face without effort any type of route, even the most daring. We know well that the city can sometimes be dangerous and we do not want anyone to have a bad experience or fright, so before the different options available in the market we have chosen the Tektro brand to equip ourselves with a great braking system with steel components and high quality aluminum

With a very comfortable saddle, WTB, our new model is available in three finishes and with a tricolor detail inspired by the competition, the Fabric Commuter becomes a strong alternative in the commuter bike market at an unbeatable price, do not miss out an eye here.

And for those of you who are not clear about whether or not to go to work by bicycle, here we leave you a couple of reasons from our friends from Ciclosfera, so that it is worth the redundancy, you enter in reason: https://www.ciclosfera.com/seis-razones-para-ir-al-trabajo-en-bicicleta/

Soon more!

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