Unbeatables, Kantoikrit 2018

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Unbeatables, Kantoikrit 2018

Unbeatables, Kantoikrit 2018

Unbeatables, that is the only word with which we are able to open this post, and that plural adjective is necessary for the star team Nesta-FabricBike Team. Another victory, double again, the stage has been none other than the Kantoikrit of Oñati. This time we wore the yellow jersey of our team, already recognized on the national soil, Luis Junquera (@luisso94) with his brother Mario Junquera (@canillu) who wore the trophy obtained at the criterium de Valencia, an exclusive FabricBike Light customized (which you can see under these lines:)

The Kantoikrit, as we are told from The Good Burguer and confirmed by Luís, is one of the most anticipated appointments nationwide, year after year, with a 100% urban route and areas reminiscent of the famous Paris Roubaix due to its cobblestones. to this race of fixed gear, in but the most technical at national level, in one of them, characterized in addition by the nocturnal and by its lack of qualifying round (one goes out in march after the return of recognition, something similar to what happens in the Japanese keirin) is conferred as the perfect date for lovers of this type of cycling.

The race started with a first round that had a prize for anyone who crossed the finish line in first position, it would be the Basque and popular in the area Íñigo Mugarza who would take it on their backs, and we say to cost, since perhaps this decision and demand cold physics, did not touch the podium, Luis although he entered the game of the sprint conserved forces but his buddy Mario Junquera, with the incentive of the first round launched an immeasurable and progressive ripped meter by meter throughout the race, until to have it, literally, gained half of circuit, having only to maintain the condition.

In the platoon Luís moved side by side until the last six laps where he launched a first attack with quick response, but still strong in the legs, one lap later, the playu (aka Gijon) again launched another attack on the that his competitors could no longer distance him. Mario, observer of the play, released some cadence to give a final and victorious return to the podium, characteristic and very local podium, as Mario in the first position, Luis in the bronze and David Álvarez of the well-known Santa Catalina CC and who would have that to fight with the local Íñigo Mugarza for the bronze, they are gijoneses.

We are no longer talking about the start of the season, but a successful season, which still has a few surprises, which we are sure will be very positive. Remember that you can follow our Nesta-FabricBike Team on Facebook as well as on Instagramand if you want to fly like them, do not miss the FabricBike Light here.

Until the next riders!

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