The same and tragic history

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The same and tragic history

The same and tragic history

"A murderous son of a b***h" in the words of Valentí San Juan. Again the same tragic story is repeated, drugged driver drives car, drugged driver kills cyclist. Not under narcotics, but stupefied, indignant and somewhat dejected, I contemplate the list of tragic news on two wheels and pedals produced by the newspaper El País, and I ask myself again without answer, "What is happening?". With the bicycle resting in the hall of my house, I ask myself in the mirror just before leaving, if it will be the last time I see that reflection, if perhaps I should hug my mother stronger in premonition of what may happen, if at all It will not be necessary to remove clothes from the line to make room for the next round, and that is because fear is here, and it is more tangible than ever before.

Today I do not bring anything new. "Aitor Martínez's voice is broken when he remembers his colleague Jesús Negro and that fateful February 25, 2016. They were barely a kilometer away in the vallisoletana VA-30, when a truck invaded the shoulder where the two cyclists rode. "(Source) So begins, with the cracked voice one of the many news that I speak, and that adds and continues with names to the list of black pride of the already more than 500 references on public roads on which day we go out to measure ourselves, to enjoy, to expand, to relax, to improve ourselves, to share, and above all, to return, to return home with our own, something that Jesús Negro, something that Saleta Castro, something that Scarponi or which recently the two neighbors of Riudoms will never be able to do. Yes they return in their place, the memory, the impotence, and the anger, before the constant negligence, before the constant absentmindedness, before the present drug and the continuous irresponsibility, added, all this, to a system, that does not treat the majority of these altercations as what they really are, murders.

Accidente bici

We were born vulnerable, we empowered ourselves, and we abused it. Most of traffic accidents have human cause, and a large proportion of these are caused by abuses of confidence that lead us to skip rules, to be imprudent and to put at risk the safety of others, a server has always been the opinion of "take or get what you want while you do not hurt others", but what we are dealing with today is causing serious damage in society. There are the human costs of those who do not return, their broken families and their projects deleted, are the economic costs, divided between health costs, administrative, judicial, development, etc., after all, is a problem for the one that we all pay, including you. We have no secret or key here, everything is reduced to civility, respect to be respected, a macro-social problem that affects and encompasses as many areas as we want from the current social context.

As in other areas, in the accidents of cycle drivers, in many cases as reflected from El Cofidencial there is silence on the part of those affected, perhaps due to ignorance, perhaps because of fear, perhaps because of the popular belief of: " traffic accident, sure it's the cyclist's fault. " Friends, if someone crosses our lane incorrectly and throws us to the ground, even if you only scratch the sole of your right shoe, it is an infraction, and as such, it can be punishable. We must make weight, we must make ourselves heard, we must make the rules are respected, but please, insist, not be the stupid protest that today shouts and the next day disagrees with two red lights.

Accidente bici

Little more I can say, little else I can contribute that you no longer know. Frankje, the parrot of the Scarponi cyclist, will continue to wait for his unfortunate friend to return one day, while we (all of us who love the bicycle) continue to wait for the roads and the public thoroughfare to be a place one day Safe for all users. Remember, limited to 30km / h means limited to 30km / h, give way is step, Stop is Stop, red is red and not green, it's for you, it's for everyone.

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