Tricks to ride on your fixie

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Tricks to ride on your fixie

Tricks to ride on your fixie

Revolutionize the City

They're seeing every day on the streets of big cities. They are fashionable, are nice and have a cool touch that you love, with that purity in form, these absolutely personal ornaments and looking so captivating. They are fixed-gear bikes, or fixed, and represent the latest in terms of fashion cyclists. Obviously the biggest feature of these machines is the fact that they have fixed gear, ie lacking changes and often also brake, so your driving differs slightly from the one performed on bikes more "normal "and you can get to be a small headache at first if you are not used.

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keep pedaling

The first thing you should know is that in the fixie can not stop pedaling, even when going downhill.So you must learn to optimize your pedaling, making it more effective and communicating with it more or less power to the wheels at a time of acceleration or braking. This is a somewhat complicated technique to learn and it takes practice, but it is absolutely necessary to walk on a fixie safely. When you have learned to stop giving pedals you can try to do it all at once, skidding, for instant braking. Be patient and do your tests on a not very hard surface, because it is more likely that at first kiss the ground a few times. But you do not need to say how important it is braking in time in the middle of the city, do not? Learn to be on the bike with little movement, that is in balance while the machine just moves forward, it will be another point that should dominate. Like everything, the beginning will be difficult, but with practice will know the best points of balance in the rider-bicycle pair, and you can stay on it without dismounting thatching in traffic lights and crosswalks.

The perfect combination of lightness, aerodynamics & design.

Get used to skid. Stand very firm on the saddle and do with your legs for smooth and controlled skids, which will be very useful to move around the city safely. And with fixed you can apply all the advice you've already internalized about cycling. Will be very useful, for example, learn to climb curbs (standing on the pedals, with a stroke of arms on the handlebars), skip railways or other obstacles (with the same technique as before, but now also by force legs up), or have that typical "smell" the cyclist to know what will make traffic a few seconds before it happens (and you just give him the experience and the kilometers). With all this you can practice safely through town on the back of your fixie.


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