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Fixed Gear Bike Original
Fixed Gear Bike Original

FREE SHIPPINGFixed gear bike with flip-flop rear wheel hub...

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Fixed Gear Fabricbike Light
Fixed Gear Fabricbike Light

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Fixed Gear Fabricbike Aero
Fixed Gear Fabricbike Aero

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City Bike Step-City
City Bike Step-City

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Kenda 700X25C Colored Tyre
Kenda Colored Tyre

SPECS· Tyre: Kenda (100 psi) nylon race tyre. · Colors...

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City Bike Woman 3V
Fabric City Classic

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Bike Kids
Bike Kids

FREE SHIPPING The Children's Bike FabricBike. The sturdy steel...

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Gear flip-flop

Gear flip-flop

With a flip flop rim we will have the possibility to change the pedal style just by inverting the rear wheel, these rims are easy to identify, because they have both types of sprocket. We can go from fixed style (fixie) to free (Single Speed), if we put it in free style or also known as neutral would behave like a normal bike, in this case we would need the use of brakes.

Most of our fixie bikes come with a rear wheel that has a gear flip-flop.

Fabricbike LIGHT

Fabricbike ORIGINAL

And you, would you dare to use a bicycle without gears?

Do you think you can climb "that street" with a fixed gear?

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