Introducing Nesta-Fabricbike Team

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Introducing Nesta-Fabricbike Team

Introducing Nesta-Fabricbike Team

Yes, we believe in road safety and we base the values ​​of a sustainable urban mobility, but we also love the speed, but not the crazy thing, but in sports competitions, and we have been wanting to return to cycling competition, and this has been possible thanks to the proposal of Luís Junquera and Sara Cueto, two experienced Asturian cyclists and couples who have decided to sweep in all the categories of the fixed gear. Fabric Light box

Together, Sara and Luís, together with the support of Nesta and our house, Fabricbike, have created the Nesta-Fabricbike Team, specialized in criterium cycling competitions of fixed gear, to face them, they have been equipped with our Fabric Light 6061 aluminum double-bonded wheel assembly Nesta of latest technology and Miche transmission, by reducing the chain and the use of configurations type 48-14 have managed to cut centimeters to the set, resulting in an aggressive fixed gear and of rapid response and control, oriented to high competition.

Sara and Luis look at the calendar the dates nearby, in terms of time and distance, Lugones (Asturias) or Valencia are among the first, but do not skimp on mentioning races like the one in Milan, testing test within the international circuit of Rockstar Games , the famous RedHook Crits. Below these lines you can see the video of the last of these races, the Brooklyn edition.

We are sure that the Nesta-Fabricteam will go far, what will Lugones bring? How fast and agile will your Fabric Light be? Soon we can sentence them, for now, we just have to wait. Don't stop following our blog and social networks to keep up to date with this proposal and much more.

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