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Discover the new Fabricbike Folding

Discover the new Fabricbike Folding

Cities grow more in extension and in population, which creates a new problem and an important social debate, urban mobility. With the growth of cities and the appearance of large urban centers, we have two problems, one of which is displacement, which are long distances and require time, the second problem lies in the huge amount of population in large cities and the abuse of the car against other means of transport, which generates traffic congestion, traffic jams, and therefore, delays.

From Fabricbike we wanted, as a leading brand in urban mobility, to give an answer, a solution, and put our little bit in the debate on sustainable mobility, taking into account various factors such as the space in modern buildings and the use of various means of collective transport, we have created the perfect solution. Do not tell me, it's a bike? Yes... We were predictable, but it's not just any bike, it's the new Fabricbike Folding.

Our Fabricbike Folding is an extremely dynamic, foldable, lightweight and fully portable bicycle (includes handle) it is possible to store it in your home without taking up space, being foldable, you can take it to your work, or even upload it to public transport such as the subway , the train or the bus. Configured as a folding bike, or folding, our Fabricbike Folding consists of a single free-wheeling development with front and rear brakes, with a relaxed pedaling cadence, you can ride the city and comfortably climb moderate slopes. Its saddle and handlebar, fully adjustable in height, together with the choice of wide wheels, provide it with the comfort and handling of a high-end bicycle.

Are you willing to try it?

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