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Why FabricBike?

FabricBike offers a unique, high standard and affordable bike plus a great customer service. We have a different view on bikes, making them accessible to everyone. It is said that we offer a lot for the price of our bikes, and you know what, they're right. We design, assemble and sell everything under the same roof, which means that there are no intermediaries to raise the price. We are here to offer you an unbeatable service and put a bike in your lives.


Why Single Speed or Fixed Gear?

Single Speed is synonymous with simplicity, minimalism and that is something vital at FabricBike. Our fixies are designed for cruising, racing, easy riding and even facing big hills. You will be surprised by the emotions riding on one of our bikes. Many people say that they had the same feeling as when they were children. You feel extremely connected to the road and have complete control over your cycle, not to mention you can do some radical maneuvers, and ride at high speeds.


What is Fixed Gear or Fixie?

All our bikes come assembled with freewheel. However, you can change it to fixed gear  turning the rear wheel around. Fixed gear means that you can ride the bike forwards and backwards. Keep in mind that when you are riding at high speed you cannot brake just like when you got  freewheel. If you're brave enough and decide to try the fixie mode, it will be difficult for you to go back to freewheel. You may find it  difficult at the beginning but once you try it you will notice that it is much more fun. If you want to go a step further, remove the brakes and let your legs do all the work. WARNING: Remember to tighten the fixed gear cog when you flip your rear wheel to fixed gear mode, otherwise you might damage the fixed gear cog.


Do they come with brakes?

 Yes they do, all our bikes come with front and rear brakes.


Is my Fabricbike easy to maintain?

 No having annoying gears the maintenance is reduced, since the majority of  time spent maintaining bikes is on the gears. Using your bike sensibly very little could be damaged. If you ever have any problems or questions, please contact us and our guru will get you back on the road.  


Are Fabric Bikes light?

 We get rid of the gears focused on our minimalist vision, so our bikes are much lighter. Depending on the size and specifications, our bikes weigh between 10 and 12 Kg.


What is my size?

 Have a look at our Size & Specifications guide.


What does ¨Deposit Now, Remaining Later¨ mean ?

If  ¨Deposit Now, Remaining Later¨ pops up, it means that one of the components is out of stock and we require a £99 deposit to reserve your bike in our next supply. Your bike will be the first one to be manufactured and assembled. Finally you will be asked to do the payment of the remaining amount for the final shipment.


Stock Delivery Dates

CUSTOMIZED and ORIGINAL FabricBikes will be shipped December 9th. 


How much is the shipping costs?

 Free. We ship our bikes totally free to the Spanish Peninsula through MRW. International shipments and outside the Peninsula will be personally treated depending on the destination.


How long does delivery take?

 If all the components of your design are in stock, you can enjoy your FabricBike within the next 7 days. During this time we will keep you informed and will notify you when your bike has been sent.


How will my FabricBike arrive ?

 90% of the bike will arrive assembled. You will only have to put the front wheel, handlebar and pedals on. The assembly is really simple, but if you have any doubt please do contact us.


What warranty and return policies does FabricBike offer?

 To understand our return and warranty policies take a look HERE

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