Exciting race weekend

Exciting race weekend piñón fijo KANTOIKRIT 2023 🏁 took place in Oñate, Gipuzkoa. The event brought together passionate cyclists from all over the country, but it was the FavelaFrama team who stood out notably.

Our riders FavelaFrama @jmateos12, @saan.jhoy, left the crowd breathless with their incredible performance on the wet streets of Oñate, achieving first place on the podium 🥇 Their skill and courage were evident as they pedalled steadily to victory.

Also to highlight the remarkable achievement of @weniswinner, who took third place🥉 in the race. His tenacity and effort allowed him to secure a place on the podium. Congratulations on your fantastic performance!

One of the factors that undoubtedly contributed to the FavelaFrama team's success was the choice of the bikes Fabricbike Aero. These high-end machines proved their worth on the wet streets of Oñate, delivering optimum performance in difficult conditions. With their aerodynamic design and cutting-edge technology, Fabricbike Aero offered a key competitive advantage for the FavelaFrama team riders. Without a doubt, their choice proved to be the right one and allowed them to fly to victory in this exciting race.

The race KANTOIKRIT 2023 in Oñate was a true spectacle of skill and passion for fixed gear. Congratulations to the FavelaFrama for their brilliant performance in this memorable race!

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